Maseca – Corn fluor for tortillas


Make corn tortillas? With the delicious Maseca corn flour for tortillas you can make tortillas with 100% natural nixtamalized corn, enriched with vitamins and minerals. In addition, the corn is also NGMO, vegan and it is gluten-free.

Make corn tortillas with nixtamalized corn

Nixtamalization is understood to mean the pre-processing of grain, whereby the grains are soaked in an alkaline liquid in a special way. This process changes the properties of the starch, which we call nixtamalization. It is an invention of the Aztecs, which was made about 3,500 years ago. Nixtamalized corn contains proteins that regular ground corn lacks. In addition to this corn, you can also contact Quinoadirect for White corn or Whole wheat or vegan maïs (also gluten-free). More information about nixtamalisation can be found here.

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Content: 1000 g.

Nutritional value per 100 g

energy 1518 KJ/ 359 Kcal.

fats 4.0 g.

of which: saturated 0.8 g.

carbohydrates 69.0 g.

of which: sugars 0.25 g.

fiber 6.5 g.

proteins 8.3 g.

salt 0.0 g